In response to Vijai’s questions for the candidates as seen on Nextdoor/Riverstone:  

  1. What was your contribution during Harvey Recovery to our community or any other Riverstone Community service/contribution since you moved Riverstone?

Since moving to Riverstone, I became a member of the Neighborhood Watch program for our neighborhood of Shadow Glen.  I feel that neighbors watching out for other neighbors are vital resources for our security.  We openly communicate our concerns within our subdivision and our street through WhatsApp.  My husband and I also completed our training for CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).  Following the Harvey flooding, which affected many homes in our subdivision, my husband and I aided with demolition traffic direction in The Orchard, Shadow Glen, and Millwood. We also set up a supply tent inside Millwood so that residents and demo volunteers could pick up water, Gatorade, snacks, masks, bleach, gloves, and other much needed supplies right in their immediate area.  We were pleased to serve and provide encouragement and smiles in the midst of all the devastation.

Additionally, while we were evacuated, we met several people from Wharton who had lost their houses and belongings to the Colorado River flooding, and were struggling with how they would carry on with their lives. My husband and I raised funds from relatives and friends, and personally donated this money to 16 needy families in Wharton to at least provide a little bit of aid. We have now formed a non-profit, New Hope Friendship, to further assist Southern Texas communities.

  1. You might know that current HOA Board has only 3 directors, 2 developer positions and 1 Resident position. Developer can pass anything since they are majority vote. What will you do to have your voice heard or stop anything from getting passed not favorable to our residents?

The developers will have the majority vote, which is unavoidable under the current structure, but I plan on bringing a strong and reasonable voice to the table as an advocate representing the needs of the residents.  One of my objectives is to have a monthly or quarterly meeting with leads from each subdivision to share and discuss the needs and concerns of each subdivision, and then create bi-annual meetings with these leads and the HOA Board of Directors so that each subdivision will have a forum to have their voice heard.  Through this grass roots approach and representation, the residents will have an opportunity to more positively influence the Board decisions.

  1. What’s your agenda for the community during your term?

My objectives are as follows:

1) Stronger community:

  • Create a stronger community by giving a voice at the sub-division level, with leads from each sub-division gathering together monthly or quarterly to discuss issues and concerns
  • Sub-division leads to meet with the HOA Board of Directors on a bi-annual basis

2) Increase Safety, Security and Awareness:

  • With the goals of reducing robberies and preventing accidents
  • Increased attention needs to be paid to pedestrians, bicyclists, and dangerous traffic intersections and crosswalks
  • Landscaping maintenance to provide better visibility at medians and turns
  • Growing the Riverstone Neighborhood Watch Group
  • Awareness of surroundings and getting to know neighbors is vital for security

3) Communication and Transparency of the HOA Board of Directors:

  • Provide useful community information and input, including publishing minutes from the Board meetings, income and expenses, annual budget, and contracts
  • Short-term and long-term plans for a self-governing board within the next few years
  • Tying in communications from LIDs, MUDs, Fort Bend County, and Fort Bend Office of Emergency Management to the residents of Riverstone

4) Rebuilding: Making Riverstone “The place of choice in Fort Bend County” for the future by:

  • Rebuilding a stronger community together
  • Taking measures to control wild hog damage
  • Completing common space park and landscaping projects
  • Continuing a reputation for excellent property values and a safe environment for all

Thank you for taking the time to read the responses and make an informed choice,

Leslie Arndt


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